Holiday Home Insurance & Short Term Rental Insurance Four Corners Florida

Looking for Short Term Rental Insurance, Holiday Home Insurance, Vacation Home Insurance, or Long Term Rental Property Insurance in the Four Corners area of FL?

Are you in need of Holiday Home Insurance in Four Corners FL.  If you own a rental property in Four Corners Florida a traditional homeowners insurance policy will not work.  If you and your family occupy the home part of the year and then rent your Holiday Home out the rest of the year you need a short term rental insurance policy.

You need what’s called a “Dwelling Fire” Insurance Policy.

This is because traditional home insurance policies called HO-3 exclude coverage for properties that are not owner-occupied.

In other words, if you don’t live in the house and rent it out you need to be covered by a Dwelling Fire policy.

Discovery Insurance Agency represents several carriers who can insure your rental property, or holiday home property.

Short Term, Holiday Home, or Long Term Property Insurance Four Corners FL

There are multiple scenarios where dwelling fire insurance aka DP3 Policy is necessary for your Holiday Home Insurance Four Corners FL:

Rental Properties — Dwelling fire insurance is the only type of policy that will work for a rental property.  If you are renting your home on a short term basis meaning a week or less than there are special endorsements you will need or there will be a coverage gap on your policy.

Not all insurance companies have this product.

We recommend Progressive, Olympus, Tower Hill, Federated National, Security First, American Strategic & Florida Family.

There are certain coverage’s that you need as the owner of a rental property that are only provided by a dwelling fire insurance policy.  For example coverage for the contents that you as the owner have furnished like TV’s, couches, beds, etc.

Liability Insurance to cover you if someone gets hurt on your Rental Property in Four Corners.

Vacant Homes

Vacant homes can present all kinds of problems which is why they can be extremely difficult to insure. Most insurance companies want nothing to do with a property that is vacant. We can help you though.  A vacant home is defined by most insurance companies as being empty inside with no furniture or contents and/or no one living in the house.

Most companies exclude the majority of coverage’s provided after a house has been “Vacant” for 90 days.  That is why its important to switch your insurance policy to a Vacant Home Insurance Policy.

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